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Once the OpenRank compute nodes have committed the compute results, they can be combined with other scores or any other data to solve a particular use case or application's need.

For example, for a permissionless marketplace like Metamask Snaps, once EigenTrust compute produces a ranking for security experts and developers, their scores can be combined with what they say about a particular snap. This post-processing step can be defined and modified by the community to create a community sentiment score for a Snap. In addition, the community can also use other OpenRank developer or security expert scores from another use case in calculating a cumulative Snap score. You can read more here.

This shared and composable reputation layer enables scope for permissionless innovation in rankings, algorithms for any type of app or marketplace. OpenRank protocol remains un-opinionated about how the scores should be used, or who's score should be used. This is left for the community to decide. OpenRank enables this infrastructure for anyone to publish rankings and reputation scores for a use case, enabling wider choice for apps and users instead of trusting a single party.

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