Using Farcaster social graph data propagated by Farcaster's Hubble, and replicated locally by Farcaster's Replicator, we have launched a set of OpenRank APIs that can help developers building applications, clients, frames or any consumer experience to filter out spam and leverage personalized ranking and recommendations.

Using our APIs, developers can leverage and customize the algorithms to power multitude of use cases, including but not limited to identifying high quality users vs. sybil users, create ranking and recommendation engine for profiles, frames and casts, generate better feeds, airdrops to valuable users and other social and on-chain experiences like onchain feed.

Our APIs are implemented using OpenRank, an open-source and verifiable reputation computation protocol.

Global ranking is updated every 2 hours Personalized Graph is served on-demand

Try out the APIs here! — https://graph.cast.k3l.io/docs#/

Examples of using our APIs:

  1. To reward high quality users in the form of airdrop or power badges, you can use our Global Profile Ranking APIs along or Channel Profile Ranking APIs to make sure the reward is given to relevant and high quality users.

  2. If you are building a client, you can use our Feed APIs to power a trending for you feed and use the Channel Feed APIs to develop a channel specific trending feed.

  3. To build a frames specific client you can use our Top Frames API to have the users of you app only displayed relevant and high quality frames.

  4. If you want to help with discovery in your client, you can use our Personalized Network APIs, (Extended network) to display relevant users as recommended profiles to your user.

  5. You can filter spam in your application by using or Global Ranking APIs.

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