Onchain Graphs and Feeds

OpenRank computes user, smart contract, nft rankings based on onchain transaction graphs. These rankings can be used for surfacing personalized recommendations or finding valueable apps and users in a particular ecosystem/chain.

How it Works

OpenRank computes on social graph data such as Farcaster, Lens and Onchain transactions data (token transfers, contract interaction, nft ownership) using EigenTrust and Matrix Factorization graph compute algorithms to generate a personalized network graph for users.

The compute results can be used to aggregate useful rankings and recommendations such as:

  • Popular tokens owned in your network

  • Popular NFTs owned in your network

  • Popular on-chain contracts in your network

This prototype uses Ethereum and Base Transaction data to populate an onchain feed for a user based on their EOA or a curated set of EOAs. The feed shows a ranked list of users, apps, tokens, NFTs, smart contracts, etc, by their reputation score values.

A user can choose from a set of of reputation graphs based on who you follow or engage with on Farcaster or Lens, who you've sent tokens($) to on a chain, what NFTs or mints you own. We run verifiable compute on these graphs to create personalized rankings which can be used in different contexts and feeds.

If you're on Farcaster, select the Farcaster graph and type your or a set of Farcaster handles. Next, select the type of feed you'd like to view:

  • Network - to see a personalized list of users you and your friends engage with

  • Tokens - to see popular tokens owned by your network

  • NFTs - to see popular NFTs owned by your network

  • Contracts - to see popular contracts used by your network.

*currently tokens, NFTs and contracts supported for ETH and BASE. OP support coming soon.

If you are a power user on Ethereum mainnet or Base, and have done token transfers to other EOAs in the past one year, you can generate your Ethereum and Base on-chain graph by entering your address, or even create a graph for a curated set of addresses.

API Access and What's next?

Get in touch with Karma3 Labs team to get access to the onchain feed APIs.

More chains and graphs will be supported, with recent, real-time data of full historical transaction data.

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