This section gives an overview of live integrations powered by OpenRank.

For each of the applications and use cases below, we have generated context-specific reputation graphs and computed various reputation and ranking algorithms like EigenTrust, Collaborative Filtering, Hubs and Authorities.

  1. Farcaster - Ranking APIs to build better profile, frames, cast rankings and recommendations based on Farcaster social graph.

  2. Lens - Ranking APIs to build better profile rankings and content feeds based on Lens social graph.

  3. Metamask Snaps Permissionless Distribution - Prototype of a reputation computer based on positive/negative attestations to detect a community sentiment around the safety of a Snap. This can enable permissionless distibuion of Snaps within Metamask.

  4. Onchain Graphs and Feeds - Personalized Ranking APIs to find your onchain graph - your extended onchain network of friends/users based on p2p token transfers, NFT ownership and contract interaction.

You can read Upcoming integrations to learn more about how OpenRank is currently in development across other use cases.

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