Metamask SPD

MetaMask Snaps Permissionless Distribution (SPD)

Metamask is enabling a permissionless way for developers to build apps (Snaps) on Metamask. Third-party developers can leverage Metamask as an Open Platform and create Snaps that add extensible functionality to millions of users.

The discovery and distribution of Snaps is part of this innovation. To power a decentralized Snaps Distribution system, we're prototyping a reputation computer with the community of Snaps users, developers, auditors, and security experts. The initial goal is to help detect and filter safe and secure Snaps, based on collective community wisdom and sentiments, instead of centralized gate-keeping and curation.

Our prototype enables a decentralized reputation rating generated from an open and verifiable trust graph, powered by OpenRank. The reputation of the community members is factored into the reputation of the Snaps being recommended.

How does the prototype use OpenRank

OpenRank powers a community-led reputation system for Snaps. It doesn't rely on solely the Metamask team or handpicked auditors and their opinions about Snaps. It opens up the system for external developers and security experts to share their reviews and ratings for Snaps, which leads to a Community sentiment around the safety or popularity of a Snap.

The key components of this system are:

  • Peer-to-Peer Attestations: Users can issue Trust (and Distrust) assertions to each other, meaning users can endorse or report other users for certain skills (eg: security expert, software developer).

  • Peer-to-Snap Attestations: Users can issue Trust (and Report) assertions to Snaps, meanings users can express their opinion about the safety or security of a Snap.

  • Trust computer - A verifiable compute layer powered by OpenRank, which runs an open source algorithm to generate rankings for users and snaps based on community sentiment. The rules of the algorithm, the types of rating and reviews can be configured by the community.

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