Ideas to Build using OpenRank APIs

Using OpenRank APIs for Profiles and Frames, developers can hack and build cool stuff leveraging Farcaster social graph. A non-exhaustive wishlist below:

Clients and Applications

  1. Build relevant and high quality a) global channel feeds, b) personalized channel feeds using Profile Ranking APIs

  2. Build 'For You' feeds on Farcaster based on your personalized social graph

  3. Builld an onchain feed that shows what your network or a curated set of quality Farcaster profiles are doing onchain. ( as a reference)

  4. Build a Trending List of Apps/NFTs/Tokens popular among a) top ranked Farcaster profiles, b) your personalized social graph on Farcaster

  5. Build a spam feed using Profile Ranking APIs

  6. Build a client for Frames showing a) Popular Frames among entire network, and b) 'For You' Frames based on personalized social graph

  7. Airdrop Generator based on Farcaster Profile Rankings

  8. Spam spotter in a channel feed

  9. Build an app that shows two feeds: a) Recent Casts, b) Casts based on Profile Ranking APIs

  10. Farcaster Discovery App that Recommends Profiles, Channels, Frames based on your or anyone's Farcaster social graph.


  1. Frame to check Ranking/Reputation of your followers based on Global Profile Ranking - basically check profile ranking of my followers, to understand how many bots/sybils are following me

    • How many followers in 'Top 100 Rank', 'Bottom '10%', etc

    • Percentage of followers who are likely spam/bots

  2. Frame to see Global Rank of a profile (Text based Frame which takes profile name as input)

  3. Frame to show last on-chain action of a Top 100 Profile

  4. Frame to see personalized graph of any user (text based frame)

  5. Frame to show Top NFTs held by your Farcaster Network

    • Top Tokens held by your network

    • Most popular contracts by your network

  6. Frame to see onchain network/neighbors related to your Farcaster linked EOA

    • See Top Tokens held by your onchain network

    • See Top NFTs held by your onchain network

    • See Top contracts by your onchain network

Ranking/Recommendation for Frames

  1. Filter our most spammy frames using Frames Ranking API. Alternatively, you can also sort frames that have been β€˜used’, β€˜recasted’, β€˜liked’, β€˜commented’ on by Highly ranked people

  2. Personalized Recommendations of Frames based on interaction from your own social graph on Farcaster.

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